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Payments can be made with Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron and bank transfer.
All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) including VAT.

What products are sold in the shop?

Books, CDs, live courses and digital online products: mp3 files for download, videos and online courses.

Product Information:

At the essential characteristics of the product are stated, for further information or questions regarding existing information an email can be sent to Steen Kofoed via


All prices are daily prices and only valid on the order day. Therefore, price changes may occur

All prices quoted are inclusive of 25% VAT.


The account information you enter when purchasing goods is sent directly to PBS in encrypted form (SSL) which only you and PBS can read. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you. When purchasing with Dankort, MobilePay or credit card, the amount is deducted from your account as soon as the item departs from



Immediately after purchasing the download, you will receive an email with a link from which you can retrieve your item.

All downloads in are protected by Danish copyright law. Copyright infringement can result in claims for damages.

Risk of accidental deterioration:

Only at the time when the ordered goods come into the Buyer’s possession does the Buyer risk the risk of the goods being destroyed or damaged due to accidental circumstances.

Disclaimer and Warranty: Ro Aps is not liable for direct or indirect loss as a result of the goods ordered arriving late to the Buyer or the ordered goods suffering from defects when the delay or defects are due to the Buyer action or omission or circumstances that lie outside of’s control, such as war, riots, riots, fire, government intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labor disputes of any kind, including strike and lockout or the like. Ro Aps does not guarantee the goods ordered independently, and the Buyer obtains only the guarantees issued by the manufacturer to the Buyer.


If Customer informs that Customer has canceled its purchase within 14 days of delivery of physical goods and / or purchase of live courses, shall repay the amount received. However, this does not apply to downloads – see conditions for downloads below.

Items returned by UFRANCO or on demand are denied receipt. When returning, please use Post Denmark – not alternative package distributors. As it allows the item to be tracked should it be lost during return shipping. You should send the item properly packaged – along with a copy of the invoice and please clearly state that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal and that you therefore wish to have the item refunded. We recommend that you return the item as a careful package with Post Danmark.

You can also cancel your purchase by denying receipt of the shipment.

These return rules apply to all goods sold as remote sales to individuals – this does not apply to goods sold to businesses or downloads of any kind.

Complaint when purchasing physical goods:

According to the Purchasing Act, grants 2 years of right of claim from the invoice date on manufacturing and material defects (defects). The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention.

The invoice must be presented to in connection with the use of the complaint.

Any complaints about defects in delivered products must, according to the Buyer, have or should have discovered the defect to within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the Buyer loses its right to invoke the defect.

Please indicate, and in the required manner, the defect.

However, you may want to:

  • Forward the music to yourself or others in your household
  • Transfer the meditation / music to a portable music player that belongs to you or others in your household
  • Copy the meditation / music to a CD and play it for a private event (including others)
  • Copy the meditation / music to a CD and listen to it at your work, school, etc.
  • Copy the meditation / music to a CD for your car, cottage, boat and discman

But you are not allowed to:

Forward the meditation / music to people outside your household
Transfer the meditation / music to a portable music player belonging to people outside your household
Give copies of the meditation / music you bought away for example. on a CD
Lend, trade or sell the meditation / music you have purchased

There is no right of withdrawal or return on downloads in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Agreement Act.


You can max. download each submitted link / audio file 3 times.
After download, you can of course save and hear the audio file as often as you like.

Credit Card – Delivery time for credit card purchases:

The delivery time for digital products takes minutes, depending on how quickly the download link arrives at your email, and your payment is approved at NETS.

Bank transfer – Delivery time for purchases with bank transfer:

For bank deposit, the link to the audio file (s) will be sent as soon as I have registered your deposit. Typically in 1-3 business days.

For bank deposit, please enter the order number you receive at the time of purchase for faster dispatch.

Nordea Reg. No. 2124 Account No. 4391572629

Terms of payment:

As a buyer, you must provide a functional email address where you can receive the audio files you purchased for download.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the mail from  does not end up in your spam filter. cannot take special precautions in relation to special spam filters or dysfunctional e-mail addresses, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you receive mails from us and provide a correct e-mail address.

You will receive a receipt for your purchase at your email address and it is your responsibility to save it.

On this website you can use Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron and bank transfer. A greater amount can never be deducted than what you approved for the purchase. Data you send in connection with purchases paid by debit card is encrypted.

Registration of data does not store card numbers, expiry dates and check digits in the web business systems when your purchase is completed.


When purchasing, you waive the right of withdrawal. Digital products (such as e-books, audiobooks, movies and mp3 files for download and streaming) will not be revoked if download / streaming has begun.

See section 18 of the Consumer Agreement Act. 2, No. 13 ”When purchasing digital products, you therefore consent that you do not have the right of withdrawal on your purchase.




Rights has all rights to the digital products supplied and all material, printed and digital.

When purchased, the right to use the digital product and material is obtained. The right of use is personal.

Products and materials must be treated confidentially and must not be disclosed or disclosed to third parties. Products and materials may only be used for their own use.


The files you purchase in are protected by copyright, and the use of the files can only be done to the extent expressly permitted by this agreement or in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act.
You may only use the files you purchase from for personal use.

Thus, you may not lend, loan, trade, sell, copy, duplicate, forward or otherwise transfer the files to persons outside your household, nor will commercial use, rental, sale or public playback of the downloaded audio file be permitted without a separate agreement med

The above prohibition also applies to any personal copies of the files that you have purchased from You may, on the other hand, transfer the purchased audio files to a portable music player, mobile phone, tablet or similar belonging to yourself or people within your household. However, the copy may not be used for public play under any circumstances.


If there are errors or omissions on the purchased product, you can advertise to at . This must be done within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered.

Do you have problems with the use of, or do you have questions regarding purchase, you can also write to Steen Kofoed.

Law choice and venue

Disagreements between Ro ApS and the buyer must be decided in accordance with Danish law by the Copenhagen City Court as the first instance.

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