A story to tell
I sat in the shade from some candles one late evening.
I had just meditated on inner peace and sat in a state of bliss. My body and mind were filled with love and light. As I was about to turn back and open my eyes gently, I noticed that in the left side of my field of vision, a small Asian-looking man was standing, calmly waiting. that I should notice him. I greeted and he bowed quietly in a greeting to me. He made himself clearer and came closer to me, around him I sensed a glory of purity and wisdom. His worn and bleached dark red costume indicated that he belonged to some form of monk order. I was curious and my psychic sense apparatus reached out to him, Who was he and what did he want?

Suddenly, my mind was filled with beautiful spiritual symbols that each had their meaning and were a form of sacred keys. His voice spoke to me in my heart and said,
“You must pass on these symbols in the form of jewelry so that they can help lift and open. We want to approach in a slightly stronger and more powerful way than we already do. We want to make a sacred connection. Every shape means something and every symbol has a vibration and a sanctification. ”

He continued to speak:
“I want to be with you both, in the making of these jewelry. You have to go to “Pompus” as he will help you and help you realize these jewelry. “He continued:” We will make him ready, in a different way than with you. He is a craftsman and artist and as such he is not consciously open to direct contact from such creatures as me. “

I asked: “Who are we and who are pompus and where can I find him?”
“We are a group of spiritual beings that have different functions but overall, as we work together to help people on earth, to come in balance and rediscover their spirituality.
You already have Pompus contact, via Jannie, who is his wife ”
 : he concluded.

Before he disappeared he said,
“Every piece of jewelry is a sacred connection and you should call it: SACRO-NEXU”

I remember Janni and found her husband Erik who was both Goldsmith and Pompus. I wrote to him that we should meet. Our meeting was a celebration of joy when he just said, “Yes, let’s get started”. They had, as they had promised, already worked with him.

Now we are here and ready to welcome you
Steen Kofoed

sacro nexu = sacred connection

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