Pakke med 9 meditationer

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Price kr.49 –Duration 12:15 min.
This meditation is a self-healing meditation where you receive the right energy for your body and psyche.

The 5 items
Price Kr99, –Duration 27:57 min.
Earth-water-fire – air and ether
A deeper meditation that restores your balance between you and the 5 elements.
A deep self-healing and protection of you

Internal activation
Price DKK58 –Duration approx. 14:30 min.
This meditation is an encounter with your inner snake that activates your life force, a Puma that helps cleanse your abdomen and the most beautiful hummingbird that activates and opens your heart.
Your connection to yourself and thus to the universe will be better by this meditation.

Price kr.69 –Duration 9:19 min.
In this meditation you meet the spiritual world and have the opportunity to receive one or more messages that are opened to your sensory ability which will make your world bigger

Price kr.78,-Duration 9:42 min.
An evolving meditation that supports the development of your forehead and heart chakra

The Guardian
Price kr.65, –Duration 10:58 min.
This is a meditation where you leave your body, along with your hummingbird. Rises and will be able to meet the guardians of the earth – a group of spiritual beings who care for the earth. A move from micro to macro.

Price kr.88 –Duration 11:36 min.
Meditation opens to Paradise within you

Price DKK49 –Duration 7:08 min.
The meditation connects you to the highest and activates gratitude

Price kr.48 –Duration 5:39 min.
Mantra that you can advantageously repeat in either your inner or high.

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