Sjælens Univers

kr. 99,00




By Steen Kofoed and Steen Krarup
Published by Aschehoug’s publishing company
176 pages

Success book has sold more than 30,000 printed copies. in Denmark alone.

The universe of the soul gives you Answer: What an aura, an astral body and an energy center are and how they work. Can you even get in touch with spirits? Should you do that? And what exactly is a ghost?

In recent years, the interest in the supernatural has increased tremendously, but everything that seems mysterious is quite logical. The authors, who are known for the TV series “The Power of the Spirits” and “Sensation for Murder”, here give their personal suggestions on how the human body, psyche and soul exist in an eternal and loving interaction with the rest of the universe.

In a clear, but also cross-border way, they tell of their many years of experience in healing, clairvoyance, contact with spirits and other mysterious experiences. And one thing is certain, your current beliefs about the spirituality of life will be put to the test, as you will be presented with a “down to earth” worldview that is full of love.